Join the Orange Wine Revolution!

At the Gastronomy-Fine Food Professional, the leading gastronomy trade fair for restaurant and wine professionals, November 5, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, a bright spotlight will shine on orange wines from different parts of the world. Wine producers with at least one orange wine in their portfolio are invited to join their orange and natural wine making colleagues from Slovenia, Croatia, Georgia, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, and present their wines in person. Apart from their fantastic orange wines you will have the chance to try their natural white, red, rosé and sparkling wines.

Authentic and delicious

Discover and explore the fourth wine colour! Orange wine might sound like a crazy modern invention, but it’s actually one of the oldest, most traditional ways of making wine from white grapes, but treating them as if they were red – so the skins are left in the mix. It’s a very natural ( foto 7), hands-off way to do things, without any of the additives or processing that are common in most modern wines. You’ll find unique flavours and aromas that just don’t exist in conventional white wines. Orange wines are truly in the middle, with the liveliness and drive of white wines, but the body and complexity of reds. They’re delicious, nourishing and authentic.


Meet the producers

This is a unique opportunity to meet so many of the passionate family producers who make these wines, taste their produce and find out more about their regions and traditions. Besides the extensive assortment of natural wines, the fair will be enriched by producers of delicacies all made in a traditional manner and without any artificial additives.
If you’re ready to challenge your whole perception of wine, step outside the safe but boring confines of the supermarket shelves and really live a little, come and join us on 5 November.

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Gastronomy/Fine Food Professional Statistics 2017

Some 4.000 professionals visited the Gastronomy/Fine Food Professional fair in 2017. 65% of them were employed by restaurants (patrons, chefs, maître d’s, hosts, sommeliers), 15% by hotels and the remaining 15% worked for catering, retail and trade companies. Many of the visiting restaurant professionals work for the Top 500 restaurants in the Netherlands.


Orange Wine area

One area of the exhibition hall will be reserved exclusively for orange wine producers to present their wines. The variety and gastronomic qualities of orange wines will be demonstrated during presentations, masterclasses and wine-food tastings, featuring dishes prepared by chefs as well as artisanal food products. Slow Food Slovenia will be involved in the wine-food tastings, and various food products will be presented, e.g. pumpkin seed oil, Hungarian Mangalica meat (ham, sausages, salami, pancetta, bacon), mediterranean and oriental spices, cheeses from various countries and olive oil from 300 year old trees.


Orange Wine Contest

The 30th annual Proefschrift Wine Contest – for the first time including a special Orange Wine category. Orange wine producers who present their wines at the trade fair, are also invited to enter their orange wine(s) for the 30th Proefschrift Wine Contest. On November 5, awards will be given for the best orange wines in two price categories: up to 15 euros and above 15 euros (retail price per bottle). All winning wines of the wine contest will be exhibited in a special area of the fair. Contest rules and entry form available on request.

Interaction and education

Apart from a broad variety of fine food products presented by national and foreign exhibitors, Gastronomy/Fine Food Professional also offers an extensive program with workshops, lectures, competitions, masterclasses and tastings. No cooking demonstrations to be watched from a distance or on a large screen, but interactive small-scale events that enable visitors to taste and compare products and experience at first hand how to prepare and combine them. Several renowned national and international experts and chefs contribute to this program. They bring the visitors up-to-date on the latest gastronomy trends and innovations and provide them with valuable knowledge and expertise.

Twin trade fairs: Gastronomy/Fine Food Professional and Wine Professional

Gastronomy/Fine Food Professional is closely connected to the annual Wine Professional trade fair, and both take place at the RAI Amsterdam. In fact both fairs might be considered as twins. They are related in concept – both featuring and extensive program of workshops, lectures, tastings, etc. – and complementary in contents. Just like wine and fine food are complementary. Whereas Wine Professional has a 80% wine / 20% fine food and accessories ratio, it is the opposite for Gastronomy/Fine Food Professional: 80% fine food / 20% wine and accessories. Both fairs are aimed at, and attract the same visitors, only the focus is different.

Gastronomy/Fine Food Professional 2018

Monday 5 November 2018
RAI Amsterdam
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Wine Professional 2019

Monday 7 January up to and including Wednesday 9 January 2019
RAI Amsterdam
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